Campfires (2013)

Campfires are more than a place of warmth.  They are a distinct location in which to gather and tell stories while bracing oneself against the chilly elements, often under a majestic night sky cluttered with stars.

Prior to written language and the formalization of religious structures, people gathered around a nightly campfire to find their common ground to consecrate their identities through the customs of songs and storytelling.  Creating a strong sense of place bonded people to each other and laid the foundation for a united village or community.

My campfires are literary.  Two contrasting words are painted on the end of each branch.  The branches are placed into a campfire structure inviting people to gather and read them -- to respond with their own stories -- to imagine new possibilities.

Here are some of the words:

talk blanket

incubate hollow

blind carbon

occurs many

language bones

oxymoron toys

consonant alphabet

verify rot

holy abbreviated

generals north

stranger ashes

he risen

forgive what

kurrent current

cloud dung

socrates snow

desert radio

eyelash clock

wind doubt

spin inscription

answer land