Fragmentation is a new theme that I am exploring through several different series: “Take Cover,” “Melody,” and “Campfires.”

We seem to live our lives in fragments or pieces.  We section off everything from hours in a day, weekends from the “work week,” certain months into a school year, poems divided into stanzas, chapters in a book, dollars into dimes, neighborhoods by streets, the conscious vs. the subconscious, etc.  We’ve invented time as well as religion to create order in an attempt to understand and regulate ourselves... all the while striving for wholeness, to feel complete.  What do the pieces of our lives say about us?  Through creative expression can we transcend our fragmentary ways and achieve an new understanding of ourselves?

All of the work in the various series that address these concerns use language, word fragments, as a tool to explore what we think we don’t know and offer a new way of listening to ourselves and the world we inhabit.