Melody: A Sound Poem (2013)

The works in “Melody” are painted record albums, rimmed with fingerprints in black paint with two words each scribbled across the surface.  One of the two words incorporates a reference to sound.  The second word is a subconscious response.  The two together are a poetic invitation to wander in the world of your imaginative reactions.

Here are some of the pairing of words:

buzz   parasite

drum   eclipse

hiss    puppet

whistle  twist

tune   propeller

sing    crocodile

aria   blanket

note   glue

music  shovel 

shout  fingerprints

harmony   ancestors

duet   grief

solo   empire

refrain   wheels

chord   incubate

tsk   grammar 

nightingale  crowd

hack   fraction

cough  swan

snore   citations

Hic-cup    giraffe 

laugh   window

snort   cardboard

growl   balloon 

sneer   Honolulu

coda   vanilla

clef     debate

suite   drift

cantata  rollerskate